Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October Fun

J got to help out his favorite band, The Biscuit Brothers on stage at a recent concert. That's him teaching the crowd how to sign, "Go Make Music."

I give smiles to practically everyone, as long as I know my mama is around.

Pumpkin patch time! My head is way too small to make this look good!

We didn't get any good shots of the two of them in the pumpkins, so we had to do with one in front of a painted pumpkin cutout.

B's birthday trip to visit Thomas the Train. He told J that's what he wanted for his birthday. J said, "I don't think they make one of those, so maybe we can just take you on a train ride."

These were the expressions on J's and Z's faces when they saw Thomas.

The looks on their faces when the shock wore off and they realized they were going to ride on Thomas!

Yeah, I know I am wearing boy colors, but it has my name on it!!!

Probably Mom's favorite picture of me to date. Can my smile get any bigger? I'm smiling because I know it's only a matter of time before I can crawl around after those cats...