Saturday, February 27, 2010

And on to Four (A Few Weeks Late)

My parents are too poor for real teething toys, so I eat my brother's socks.

I steal toy guitars from 4 year olds in order to feel special. Yep, you're indeed special!

The rightful owner of said electric guitar gets a go at it.

Looking more like a 4 year old hippy birthday boy, J opens his saxophone from his sister.

Rockin' electric guitar cake. Notice the comma cupcake. I am that kind of nerd. Punctuation is important!

(The strings are licorice laces, which is why they do not look straight. Also, you have no idea how much red coloring went into making that color frosting. Everyone's teeth looked bloody. It was a great combo with the black frosting. I didn't get any teeth photos though.)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Rough Life

J: This is the hardest thing I've had to do in all my life.
Me: What's that?
J: Ugh. Moving this laundry basket. It's totally the hardest thing of my life. Ugh!!!

J: No, that's my guitar. You, S, you have to wait for the bacon to cook before you can play my guitar.
Me: What does that mean?
J: It means I just made it up and she needs to wait a long time to play my guitar because it takes a long time for bacon to cook.

Yesterday the blackboard part of the easel, which was facing the wall, looked like something out of a horror movie. Written in scratch handwriting were the letters D I E. I saw it and called to B so that he could also take a look. Confused, we asked J to come over. We asked him if he wrote that. He said yes. Since I was uncertain if he knew what he wrote, I asked him. He said, "Well, I was trying to write Davy Crockett, but I didn't know how to so I only wrote Davy. (side note, he has a cd from They Might Be Giants called Here Comes Science, which is totally awesome and has a song about Davy Crockett in outer space)

Well, if you say it slowly with a Texas accent, you hear the D, then you hear Ay, which could be mistaken for I if you really stretch out the twang. He forgot the V sound and went straight to the E instead of a Y. Makes perfect sense. But it was still a little freaky when we first saw it.

We helped him write Davy Crockett. I'll have to post a picture of that. And the other stuff from his birthday that I said I would. I'm bad, I know.