Saturday, June 11, 2011


(In the time that it has taken me to finish this post, two people I know have had babies!)

Little Miss turned two and had a lovely birthday. I was a terrible example and gave my kids cupcakes for breakfast on her birthday because it was the only time of the day that all of us were going to be together that day. But, as Bill Cosby said, "It has flour, eggs, milk..." The kids definitely weren't complaining. Perhaps I wasn't such a bad example because I refrained from early morning cupcakes and went to the gym instead? No?

J also had his school graduation. They also had an international day after the ceremony. The kids were dressed in costumes from different countries. I honestly don't know what country Jonah was representing, but he looked cute anyway. J also presented his family tree. This was a project he worked on at school for close to 2 weeks. Aside from gathering the pictures and writing down names for him to copy, J did everything by himself at school. I was so impressed and proud of his hard work!

I got a funky henna tatoo, which looked really cool at first. Then I had to live with it for two weeks. I am not meant to be truly inked.

LM's birthday party was held the following weekend and was an ice cream theme. I got a lot of decoration ideas from This Mommy Loves. My favorite part was the ice cream pom poms. They're still hanging in our living room entry and since they're too high for me to reach, I don't plan on taking them down because they make everyone happy when they see them. Aside from the ice cream related goodies, we had a ladybug bounce house, an ice cream shaped pinata, and played put the cherry on the ice cream cone. I know the bounce house is kind of "one of these things is not like the other" and I always bawked at bouce houses before I had kids, but the grown ups, I mean kids really have a blast in them. Actually it was B who was really hinting about wanting it. The place we get them from always delivers a day early, so there's plenty of opportunity to bounce at 7 am and wake up the neighbors.

The ice cream cones are still hanging in our hallway one month later!


Almond butter ice cream cones

This is the table before we decided it would be best if little kids decorated sundaes outside.

Taking her best shot at the pinata

These "big kids" look so grown up

Good thing these big kids don't!

Party favors! I love a good party!