Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Poor Little Miss. She was the victim of Mommy's fashion whims all day. We started out in a Baby's First Halloween outfit with matching pumpkin hat and pumpkin booties...

Then we squeezed into a 0-3 month dalmation costume that barked. It was actually given to J, but since I misread the label, he never got a chance to wear it. She was happy for a brief moment...

But perked up when we dressed her in this...I think she was the happiest flower on earth.

J was a skeleton for Halloween. He was having a hard time deciding between a skeleton and a golfer. I suggested both and being a skelegolfer. He loved the idea, but we forgot to carry around the golf clubs. It was just as well. He had a blast anyway. I was really proud of J for choosing a skeleton costume because he is afraid of skeletons. Last year, a scary skeleton came to our house trick or treating and frightened him to Dallas and back. He's been talking about it all year long. When we saw this costume, he said he wanted it, and I wasn't going to question it. I think it made the grade because it looks more like an x-ray than an acutal skeleton, and he thinks x-rays are way cool. Go figure. He still doesn't like the spooky stuff and I can't say I blame him, but J really took the cake for bravery this year.

He also was a super sharer when it came to his candy. At first he said he would only go to three houses since he was three. When I suggested he could go to more, he said, "Mommy, how would you feel if I went to 5 houses or more and they ran out of candy for everyone else? You would be sad." Okay then! He ended up going to a few more, but he said he was done when he thought he had enough. Then he sorted through his candy and offered some to all of us if he thought we liked it. And it wasn't even the Mary Jane and the Bit of Honey! He gave away good stuff. Of course his pile was the biggest, but props to the not yet four year old for doing it right!

Now we need to take down the decorations, which I have been told, "need to stay up through Thanksgiving because Thanksgiving doesn't have good decorations." I'll have to see what I can muster up. Maybe I should go straight to Christmas lights since that's what all the stores are doing.