Thursday, December 09, 2010

Warm and Fuzzy

There is something about getting lights up on the Christmas tree that makes me feel calm and warm. We got our tree earlier in the week, but we've been slow at getting it in the house. We finally moved it in last night. The kids came downstairs and were so excited to see it this morning. S has been taking special trips outside to smell it while it was sitting in a bucket against our house. This morning she just kept waving at it. When we came back from running errands this afternoon, she walked right over to it, waved hello, said, "Hello tree Christmas, (how) are you?" and went about the business of playing. J helped B put up the lights and then did the inaugural "light show" with the remote before going to bed. I bought one of those remotes a few years ago at a post-Christmas sale at Target. We've had a ball with it every year. The best part is that it really annoys a member of the family when we turn it on flash. We like to act as if we have no idea how that happened, which is quite juvenile and quite fun. Plus, we get a rise out of some people, which is a win-win in my book! We're such pranksters over here, you know!

We've been doing a lot of advent-y activities over the past week and a half. Some of the highlights have included going to the Biscuit Brothers Ho Ho Ho Holiday Hoe-down, decorating a gingerbread house, watching Rudolph (along with wearing a handmade Rudolph hat-- gotta love it when your kid is still young enough to want to look silly), touring the neighborhood lights, writing our letter to Santa, and listening to lots of Christmas music. On the agenda this weekend is going to Christmas in Downtown Round Rock, which I have never been, seeing Joe McDermott play at the Cherrywood Craft Festival, Holiday in the Park at our neighborhood park, decorating the tree, and baking our first batch of Christmas cookies.

I'm going to give you all fair warning because I strive to be a citizen of good grammar and spelling, that my Christmas card has a potential spelling error depending on which dictionary you choose to follow. It is going to say, .... wonderous joy. I didn't notice this in the slightest when I was looking at it on the computer, but once I got them in the mail, I immediately said to myself, "that should say "wondrous". I quickly looked at Webster's and they told me it is a common misspelling, but other dictionaries like urban dictionary, said it was completely fine. I also learned through Webster's that it is an early spelling used in the middle ages and throughout history in Britain. So, instead of paying full price to have them printed again, I'm going with the the idea that I am sending you a modern Christmas card with a British twist. And you'll be so kind to excuse the error if you see it as one (if you even read the written part anyway!) I feel better telling you all about that ahead of time. This way, nobody can say, "I can't believe she sent that out this way!" Hopefully the cuteness of the kiddos will make up for it.

This is also the beginning of my birthday weekend, whereby I lwill eave the 18-34 demographic on Monday. It's kind of sad. I imagine the AARP flyers will be arriving soon enough. It's also really annoying that J keeps asking my how old I'm going to be. I know he remembers and I just don't think he can comprehend how old 35 actually is, even though B is 36. B and I have plans to go see Black Swan on Sunday night. I've been dying to see that movie for months!

I'll leave you with my latest facebook update. Tonight, J and I were writing a second note to Santa. We wrote the first one at Macy's, so we weren't sure that counted. I asked him if we told Santa everything he wanted to tell him and he said, "We should maybe ask him for some wine. You know, for the adults." I love how considerate he is of others!

Have a good weekend!