Monday, February 05, 2007

Last Night as a Baby

J turns 1 tomorrow. I can't believe it. Last year around this time, B was watching Seattle lose to Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl and I was splitting my time between the bed, floor and bathtub as I went through labor at home (after being sent home from the hospital with what I was told was "false labor")

Some people have asked me if I'll cry. Well, tonight as I was putting J to bed and he curled up on my shoulder, I did. Cried because I was so happy that he's been in our lives for a year, cried because he's no longer a baby and becoming a little boy with such a terrific personality, cried because it won't be long that I won't be able to carry him and put him to bed. These are all good things and I was smiling at the same time.

J talks up a storm now. He points at things that interest him, that he wants, or that he wants to know about. He's trying to walk pretty often. This afternoon we walked along the side walk as I held one of his hands and we crossed three driveways. That's probably three miles in toddler walking!

I'm so proud to be his mama and would do anything to protect him from things that might cause him harm. I hope he will be mostly happy in the next year of his life, aside from the occasional meltdown and tantrum. I hope he will grow and be as healthy as he has been this year. That's been pretty amazing to me; he's had maybe two colds and got over them pretty quickly. Gotta love that breastfeeding!

Happy Birthday, my little boy. You light up my life every day.

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