Friday, November 02, 2007

Yep. That's some dog.

I am still in shock that this actually happened. That there are actually people like this on the planet.

J and I were picking up bread and yogurt at the grocery store. As I was walking around our checkout counter, a highschool/early college age kid nearly collides with me because he was speeding on the back of his cart. If I didn't stop J would have had a cart in his shoulder (I was carrying him). He ignored us and kept going so I said, "Excuse me." I'm sure that excuse me had some force behind it. He said, "Excuse yourself, lady." I know my face went beat red and the mama bear said, "What did you just say to me?" He said, "You heard me." I said, "You nearly ran into both of us." He told me to shut up. I told him he was rude. Then, this is the best, he said, "Yeah. And you're fat and that's some dog you're carrying." Is your tongue hanging out of your mouth? Can you believe someone raised a child to be so hateful? I was so disgusted and shocked that I just walked to the car as he and his friend high-fived and laughed as they rode away on the back of the shopping cart towards their car. What I really wished I could have done was dragged him by his ear to his mother's house and stood him on the front porch and make him repeat what he said to me. This is what we're up against, considerate, polite people. It's gonna be a rough road ahead.
To make up for such an awful story, here's a random cute pic of "the dog" to brighten your mood a bit.


Sarah said...

Wow... I can honestly say I've never heard of a story that bad. That's seriously incredible. I'm so sorry that happened to you!

die Frau said...

I am also sorry that happened to you...and J looks far from a dog; he is precious and cute.

This is why I don't own a Taser--because I would use it on little punks (or other choice words) like that. Just remember that that kid has nothing in his life but his snide friends and his iPod to make his life worthwhile, and you have a wonderful boy who will NEVER do that to anyone because his mama raised him right.

Ouiser said...

oh. my. gosh.

i'm with you in the desire to drag that kid onto his mama's porch by his ear...with some soap in his mouth.

wow. not a good wow, just wow.

feather nester said...

I don't even have words. I think you showed a lot of self control, not that he deserved it. And you two didn't deserve any of that. Bad, bad karma on that punk. You've gotta just let the anger go and feel sorry for him.