Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Would SP Think My Kid is "Elite" Because He Pretends to Be a Consultant?

I know, I know, my fans have been left waiting and wondering when next I would appear.

Nothing's wrong! All is well, in fact. I've just cut back on computer time and haven't really felt like posting when I am on the computer. Keeping all of you interested in our mundane life is real work and sometimes a girl just needs a break.

We have a few favorite words to share. Actually and after all. Some examples:

"Actually we don't need to eat our dinner, we can just have ice cream."
"Actually, I am not ready for a nap. I think I will stay up a little longer."
"Actually, we are going to go to the park and then go to the store."
"Actually you are going to eat soup and I am going to have something else."

"I like playing the drums...after all."
"The juice is good without water...after all."
"The skeletons are scary...after all."
The ghost-es are on the street...after all."

J has also become his own consultant. When he wants to discuss something in his head, he picks up his imaginary cell phone, puts it to his ear, and talks about stuff. The other day he did this the entire time he was eating his lunch at school that his teacher thought that his ear hurt. Some consulting he has conducted sounds like this, "Should we eat the macaroni and cheese? I think so. It looks good. I see lots of noodles in there. Oh, well I guess we will eat it. Okay, bye." Also heard while playing the drums, "This is a base drum. Okay? Okay. This is a gogo bell. You bang it like this. Okay? Okay. Let's try it together. One, two three. That's good, but you have to practice. Like this. Keep practicing. Okay, bye."

Getting ready for a Halloween party this weekend. My costume is not even close to ready. I've also been busy helping to coordinate a neighborhood shindig at our park for the little trick or treaters. In fact, as soon as J wakes up from his nap, we're off to inform the masses about it.

Oh! And some of you will love this while it will make others moan-- we went to a little rally at a nearby park. It was mainly for local candidates, but they had Obama stickers and signs as well. J walked right up to the sticker lady and said, "Mama for Obama. Can I have a sticker?"

Good boy.

I'll try not to keep y'all waiting so long for such valuable information next time!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Please don't keep your loyal audience hanging.

Scarlet Lily said...

Oh my goodness, that was the absolutely cutest collection of stories I've ever read!

Also, since you guys KILLED IT for Thanksgiving last year, I'm dying to see what you come up with this year!

Ouiser said...

Ah, refreshing J-isms. S isn't nearly so loquacious.

And S is still incapable of saying Obama. It's "Bamommy." I think she got confused because she transitioned from calling me "mama" to "mommy" around the same time I really starting pushing her to say Obama. I'm thinking that may have caused most of the issue. As for dropping the "O," I have no idea. She's just stubborn. She gets that from M. She is consistent, though.

Happy weekending.

feather nester said...

Hooray, I LOVE the J quotes! Keep 'em coming, we can't get enough! I look forward to the day when I can regale you with stories of the Papoose saying more than just, "Mum mum!"