Friday, July 08, 2011

And Then We Went to Florida!

Getting ready for the beach!

Little Miss was a bit apprehensive when we first got to the character breakfast, but she perked up at the sight of Minnie

Two goofies

She insists on wearing her sunglasses upside down

It was nice to get back to Florida after a year. My parents have a lovely new place. We enjoyed a week of low humidity and cooler 80-90 degree temperatures. We also had fun two days at Disney. It's nice having parents that live within a few hours because you don't feel like you have to see everything and run all over the place. J had a great time riding the Thunder Mountain Railroad this time (hands up the entire time). He freaked a bit on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, but then said he would go on it again after it was all over. During the ride he kept yelling, "I hate this! I want to get off!" For about a week after the trip, Little Miss kept telling me, "Those pirates, they weren't careful, Mommy. They lost their keys" when referring to the last scene in the ride when the dog has the keys to the cell that the pirates are locked in. I even survived flying home alone with two kids. I had to entertain LM for the entire flight and she continued her sleeping on planes strike, but it all worked out. I must be crazy, but I will be attempting to take them to the west coast on my own in just a few days. I do have a few free drink coupons that I might redeem on that flight!

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