Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Yesterday was a picture perfect day. The sun was out, it was about 75 degrees and there was no humidity. DS and I decided to convince DH to meet us at the park during his lunch break. One of the nice things about the developments in this area is that they all have parks and pools. I guess this is supposed to make up for the smaller plots of land (which is why it's going to take us forever to find a house--we want a decent backyard!). We sat under a large oak tree that was dropping acorns around us. Then it was time for some fun! We took DS over to the baby swings and realized that it was probably okay to try to put him in one for awhile. He settled right in and we began to push. A giant smile imediately came over his face. I went to grab the camera back at the picnic table and I could hear this giant cackle! DS was loving being pushed. We pushed and then grabbed him to stop and then let go. This really made him laugh. What fun! Oh, and he did have a hat on, but kept taking it off.

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