Thursday, September 14, 2006

On My Knees

We've been busy the past week with visits from both sets of Grandmas, so DS has had his fill of doting for the month. It was so cute to watch him smile and laugh each time he saw one of them. He's now got this habit of laughing and giggling when DH or I walk into the room. And his favorite thing EVER (right now, will change tomorrow) is when we all walk down the stairs and someone is in front of him. It cracks him up. I guess his brain is so excited that we are all going in the same direction. Cool.

Yesterday DS pulled up to his knees and then pulled on the futon blanket to a standing position. My first words were, "oh no, look at this!" DH said we should celebrate such a feat, but I was in complete shock. Isn't that supposed to happen in month nine? Or ten? Or eleven? I'm not ready for a stander, but I'm sure consistency in this area is just around the corner. I think he was practicing in his crib during naptime because I heard him wake up and then all of a sudden I heard a THWAP and then a cry. Poor guy banged his head on the crib and now has a Harry Potter like scarish/bump on his forehead.

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