Tuesday, September 18, 2007


We only got the second coat done on 2 of the 4 walls last night, so we are working on finishing that tonight. While B does that I am trying to begin packing. That's right. Begin. As in, I haven't started and we are moving on Friday. I keep telling myself we have plenty of time. My mom comes tomorrow and everything will be fine because we'll have babysitting round the clock. I'm beginning to think I am in denial.

So, as a way to avoid the fact that we have way too much work that can be done, I'm thinking about other things. Like Halloween. I know it's random, but I was looking at one of the pics on our fridge and kept trying to think of something cool for Jonah to be this year. Last year was so much fun. How can you beat this?

It's not that I have a major desire for my son to have to take down other kids to have a good time, but this was one of the best shots taken last year by any of our friends. I mean, how many people can say that their kid (dressed as a shark) took out a super hero? No worries, it all happened a lot more gentler than it appears. That shark costume was way too much fun. I loved that tail. I wish it still fit J because I would just dress him in it again this year.

Anybody have any ideas of what he could be? I'd love a whale costume, but the only one I can find has the whale part sticking out around the middle and I think he would just be bumping into stuff all the time. I'd love a creative costume, but unfortunately it has to be something I can throw together without sewing or it has to be store bought. This is what happens when you have no sewing talent.

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Sarah said...

Dino Girl just sent me a whole list of baby and kid's dinosaur costumes that she found - I'll email you the links now :)

Best of luck with the packing - I'm sure you guys will do great! Just remember to take it one step at a time and drink lots of water :)