Saturday, September 29, 2007

Little Adventures

J and I took a little drive to New Braunfels yesterday morning. It's about an hour and fifteen minutes away. We went to have a quick visit with Cousin M, who is visiting from Geneva by way of Seattle. His sister, Cousin D, just had a baby on Wednesday. Sweet little L clocked in at well over 8 pounds and 22 inches! Wow! Quite the linebacker! Anyway, off we headed south after the rush hour traffic. We passed by the San Marcos outlets, so I taught J how to say "outlets". It was something like "outlas". There was a gigantic county fair going on so we had to take the scenic route around town to get to our destination. Our visit was quick, but involved a trip to a great park so J could play and we could chat. J also had fun exploring the design shop M was working at and leaving a few marks on some decorative apples that looked oh so real. Maybe the teeth marks will make them look more authentic?
It was great to see M even if it was only for a short while. We are hoping that we will get to see him a little longer on his next trip to TX!

I was hoping the sleep gods would work in my favor on the drive home so that I could make a quick stop at the outlets and let J nap in the stroller. Unfortunately he fell asleep after drinking his milk, which was about 2.5 seconds after we got into the car. It was probably better we didn't stop, as the temptation to spend is just too great there.

I had a special treat this morning. I got to sleep in until 7:30 and at about that time, B and J prepared to meet C, Z, T, and S (translation: daddies and kiddos) for breakfast and some morning playtime at the playground and splash park. The idea was to give the moms a little time off to do whatever while they got together for some father/son/friend bonding time.

I used the time to hit some garage sales. Two neighborhoods were having community garage sales, so I got to a bunch of houses. I'm not a broken in garage saler, so I only made it through one neighborhood, but I was pleased with my little stash. I picked up some books, some foam play mat tiles, an automatically inflatable, portable booster seat (this is really neat and I got it for $5), some stacking buckets with opposite pictures and words printed on each side, and a wooden shape toy. I missed out on a garden shovel and a hose roller, both of which we need, but I was too slow on the first one, and the sellers wouldn't budge on their price on the other and I figured I could get a better one new compared to what they wanted. I ended the morning with some coffee, a scone, and a little relaxation time before the boys headed home. I hope they decide to do this more often!
J and I are on our own this evening and probably for a large chunk of tomorrow. B is meeting his brother D in Van Horn, TX (about halfway between here and Tucson) so that B can give D our baby stuff that they wanted to borrow. It seemed so silly to have them buy all new stuff when ours is in perfectly good condition and is just sitting around in our garage waiting for kid number 2. So if you hear of any goings on in Van Horn tomorrow on the news, it's probably because the two boys got a little crazy and shook things up a bit. I mean, you never know what can happen when B tries to take food off of D's plate (chewed or unchewed).

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