Friday, August 25, 2006


Finally! A picture of DS! Don't you love the drool?

DS loves when I give him little kisses on his cheeks. Since he was a few weeks old, anytime I get really close to his face and brush up against his cheeks or kiss them, he smiles and closes his eyes in a calm state of bliss. Sometimes he coos and sighs. A sign that all is perfect with the world. I love these moments and wish I could put one of them in a bottle for when he is older and I won't be able to get near his cheeks anymore.

Tonight as I was putting him to bed, we said goodnight to the different objects in his room. Then I sang him a little bit of my own version of Lullaby and Goodnight. This is our little ritual for every nap and bedtime. I could tell he wasn't really tired, but he was starting to calm down in my arms. As I kissed both cheeks softly and sang to him, he burped right in my face without skipping a beat. Now if an adult or even a child did this we would consider it rude and possibly get annoyed. But out of the mouth of a baby, it made the moment even more precious (and funny). One day that won't be acceptable and one day we both won't have our guard down enough to just let our true emotions "rip". Since the world will not allow me to kiss his cheeks when he's 35, I'll settle for as many as I can now...burps and all.

I'm reminded of Robert Munsch's book Love You Forever. For those of you not up on children's literature, this is a story about a mother and son. The mother tells the son she "will love him forever and for always as long as she is living her baby he shall be". The son grows up to take care of the mother when she is very old and says the same thing to her. It's a tear jerker and extremely difficult to read out loud, no matter how many times I've tried. I realized today that I will be that mother one day and hopefully my son will be just as loving, caring, and appreciative as the son was in that story.

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