Wednesday, May 16, 2007

One Lucky Mama

I had a fabulous Mother's Day with my little family. Actually, it was pretty awesome. It started on Friday afternoon when B volunteered for a full afternoon of J watching and let my mom (who was visiting for the week) and I go to San Marcos to go shopping. One afternoon is not nearly enough time to get to all of the great outlets they have there, but it's a good start. We didn't let our time go to waste. I got some new tops for going out, two pairs of shoes, a skirt, wrapping paper/bags, gifts from Bath and Body Works for dental assistants at B's office, some Under Armour tops, and margarita glasses and mix as a babysitting gift for B. It was a successful trip. We stopped back in Austin to have dinner at 219 West, which has a fabulous, daily happy hour that includes 1/2 price appetizers and drinks. We're not talking your average potato skins here. We had spinach and arugula salad, seafood beignets, tequila shrimp scampi, and caprese burgers. Took the leftovers back for B. It was yummy. I love that place. It makes so much sense to do happy hour from 5-9. We just got our order in on time!

On Saturday we spent some time playing with J and then Mommy got to go sit in B's office while Daddy worked on a patient for about an hour. I needed to be there to make sure nothing happened and that she wouldn't come back and sue him for harassment or something. Isn't that awful? My mom and I then went to a local tea shop for a mother/daughter afternoon tea. It was just delightful. We were a little pressed for time because B had a soccer game and I got nervous when they started serving us soup (not traditional afternoon tea fare). But that was the only individual course. Everything else came out in a tiered tray. The scones were terrific, as was the lemon curd. The caramel tea we chose smelled so good and went perfectly with the dessert dishes. The winter white earl grey went well with the tea sandwiches. Got home in time for B to go to his game and play 95% of it. Shared margaritas and sat on the patio that evening. Good day.

Mother's Day was terrific. B let me sleep in a little bit, but J decided to sleep until 7:15 on his own (a whole hour later). I lazed around and listened to the two of them play and decided to make my presence known around 8 when I heard them on the back patio. J was playing with the hose, his sleeper unzippered, his diaper off (we were nursing a yucky diaper rash and he was airing out.) He got so excited when he saw me and the two of them came in to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. B left for a few minutes and then stole J and a laundry basket. He plopped him inside, along with a picture, a book, and card. The picture was a feet collage that he made with J the day before. I'll have to post a picture. I just love it. The book is called Fearless Women. It's actually a book about middle aged women, but B bought it for the title and the before stories, since that is where he sees me. It was such a sweet morning.
After J's nap, we headed to a beautiful brunch where the mimosas flowed along with anything else you wanted. We had a fabulous time. J loved eating all of the "kid" food (macaroni and cheese, chicken fingers, fruit, turkey. We also let him have his first taste of ice cream. Needless to say, he loved it.) We spent about 2 hours at brunch, eating, taking turns letting J play host to other arriving guests, feeding J, and just being together. Such a good time.

We napped for a little while and then it was off to a baby shower. I know, you're probably thinking, "Who has a baby shower on Mother's Day" but my friend T is pregnant with her second child and never had a shower for her first. Her family is in Iowa, and most of our families do not live here either. So it was nice for us to get together for a few hours. It was at a spa, so I had a pedicure before the shower. My feet were three months overdue for maintenance (no time for that sort of thing anymore). It was great to chat, design onesies, and share mother stories. I am so lucky to have found such a great group of mama friends down here!

I am so lucky to be a mama to such a wonderful little boy. He is just an awesome kid with a great big, wonderful personality. I had a fabulous Mother's Day weekend and am so grateful for my little family.

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