Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Day Trip

Every boy wants his own tractor

This Saturday we took a trip to Blanco for their Lavender Festival. It's about an hour and a half away in the hill country. We packed up all of our Raffi cds and headed out the door. J was pretty well behaved in the car, a first for a longer ride. There was one point where we thought he may have felt a little car sick, but he was good most of the time. Once we got there, he showed no fear of crowds or lavender. He just took off towards the nearest dog and vendor and we just followed him. It was a little unnerving at first to watch how willing he was to just take off. Makes you realize how easy it is to lose your kid. Of course, we were like helicopters and didn't let him go as far as he thought he did. Aside from all sorts of lavender vendors set up in the town square, you can also take tours of the local lavender farms. We stopped at one on our way home so that we could get the token photo of the toddler in the fields.

It's so much fun to pull up all of the lavender stakes

Unfortunately we picked the farm that didn't grow that type of lavender that gets totally purple. Either that, or it just hasn't happened yet. In any case, we had a great time and have made a vow to take more little daytrips to break the monotony that has become a part of our weekends.

Because the trip to the farm was an afterthought, we had changed J out of this outfit because he was so sweaty, and we threw it on over his other onesie. Somewhere in between changing his diaper in the car (real fun with a 33 inch kid in your hubby's lap while you do the deed) and getting him situated in the carseat, we lost the shirt. We have no idea where it is. Hmm...

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