Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Iron Chef

J turned 16 months today. 16 months! Where has the time gone? In the past few days he has decided he likes to wear hats (we couldn't keep one on his head for more than 5 seconds). He also likes to yell (hat-d!) to everyone he sees wearing a hat. Very cute.
J is also preparing himself to be The Next Food Network Star. Today's secret ingredient is Brio blocks. He had the idea of putting his wooden shapes from his shape sorter toy into a pot. He loves playing with the pots. Next, he ran over to the stove and started begging for a spoon. I will often give J a spoon to stir his empty pot while I am cooking. He brought the spoon over to the pot and began stirring. Then he went in search of a lid and came back with two. He decided one was too big and then put on the other one which fit just right. He picked up the pot and moved it over to our small ottoman, which I think he was pretending was his stove. After a few seconds, I asked J if I could have some of his soup. He happily took off the lid, gave me a red cube and I pretended to eat it. He laughed hysterically as if this were the best thing we had ever done. I told him he should try his food, so he took out green cylinder and shoved it in his mouth, literally. This went on for nearly twenty minutes, which is a great deal of time for a toddler to stick to one task. He also fed B the same soup later on. What fun!

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