Friday, October 05, 2007

You're It!

I wish I had pictures or video of this fantastic first, but unfortunately, I don't. B, J and I were at the park across the street this afternoon. We met some people who live down the street, C, L, and their darling 5 year old granddaughter, C. J was very intrigued by little C and wanted to do everything she did. We had to put him on the swings because she was swinging. She squealed "Weeee," J squealed back. Of course his attention span lasted about 2 minutes and then he was onto something else, but C wanted to continue this interaction. She followed B and J as they explored the sunken rock area of the park and made it over to the kiddie slide/steering wheel area. This is where J's first game of tag took place.

It just sort of happened. J was happy going down the slide, but when he saw C coming over, he immediately got excited and began running around the playscape as he yelled, "Oh oh!" Giggles and squeals erupted and the quick movement of gravel gave away each of their attempts at being sneaky. B helped J tag C a couple of times and he kept yelled "Touch you!" It was the sweetest thing. He was absolutely exhausted and almost fell down the slide face first because he was trying so hard to catch up to her/get away from her that his legs were actually giving out on him! J has played tag like this with adults before, but never another child. It was so much fun because it was kid-initiated and we just watched and laughed. A very good sign of things to come. Who knew that J could keep up with the older girls?

Tonight B and I shared some yummy Greek food from a restaurant not too far from here. We hadn't had any in many months, so we ordered way too much and have plenty of leftovers. We also unpacked our books, put childproof latches on our TV stand so that we can actually use the drawers to hold dvds without them being emptied everyday, and broke down several boxes that have been cluttering the dining room. We still have a long list of things to do this weekend, but we were productive in a short amount of time, which was good. Also exciting and unexpected today was a Friday morning garage sale where I picked up a Lego table that converts to a blackboard table, wipe board table, and town map for cars table for only $6! There are 3 more community garage sales tomorrow. I'm going to try to get out really early and look for a dark wood bookshelf for our bedroom and some other good kid buys.

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