Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Crazy Caucus

We just got back from caucusing a few minutes ago. It was nuts. The precinct was not prepared to handle the hundreds of people that turned out. In fact, the Democratic chair said that normally they have about 10 people show up for a caucus. As we waited in the lobby of the community center, I jokingly said to B, "I wonder if all these people voting in the Democratic primary are actually Democrats." This old biddy, and yes, I will call her that pipes up with, "No. I'm not a Democrat, are you?" I told her I was an independent, but voting in the democratic primary this year. She said, "Well, I'm a mischievous Republican and my conscience brought me out here to vote the right way. It's legal and I am exercising my right." So there. I told her that I didn't find that to be ethical, but if it's her prerogative, so be it. She replied with, "I have no problem with it" and proceeded to tell the same thing to the person on her other shoulder, who seemed to have a similar view and they hit it off much better. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Sure, she has every right living in this state to vote in either primary, just as I do. But casting a vote to sabotage someone instead of casting a vote for someone with whom you believe shares your values or ideals just seems wrong to me.

Thank goodness the community center child care was still open or B and I would have had to leave. J was pretty squirmy and all the people were overwhelming him a bit. It's really hard to carry a 2 year old anywhere, let alone hold him for over an hour. Once we were let into the caucus room (1 by 1 as they checked the voting roll to make sure you voted there earlier) you signed your name and picked your candidate. There was a bit of a scuffle between a woman who was told she couldn't carry her Hillary picket sign into the gym (she turned out to be an ID checker) and a caucus observer who sported a Barack My World handbag. One accused the other of not performing her duties correctly. I didn't get a chance to see how that all panned out.
It would have been interesting to see how the caucus meeting actually went, but it was getting to be too late and the line to sign in was way too long.

Bonus for J for staying up late: firemen who were called in to help get everyone into a safe line that wasn't crowding the exits, and the police cars that were stationed by the driveway. He really enjoyed his election day. As we were walking in, he was happily shouting, "Ca-kus!! Ca-kuss over there. Ca-kuss not over there." And so on about 10 more times. Such fun being involved in the political process at such a young age.

Oh and anyone staying up late for results might just want to go to bed. I heard that it may not be until morning that we have results from down here.


Sarah said...

I'm totally heartbroken that Obama didn't win, but I think it's SO cool that I actually know someone who got to participate in a caucus!

Amanda said...

lol - Lori, you crack me up. The way I look at it: why should a Republican waste a vote on someone who has already won the party's nomination when she can instead cast a vote that actually matters? Dan did that this year (VA allows you to vote in either primary) and voted for Obama because we REALLY don't want to see Hillary in office. Makes sense to me...but maybe I'm just tired of casting votes that don't count worth beans (it was hard being a Republican in NY). Anyway, glad you had fun with the caucus experience! Sounds interesting!

D Murphy said...

Yea - I didn't feel bad at all voting for a Democrat rather than essentially tossing away my vote for McCain as he was already the "chosen one" for the Republicans.

This presidential election really should be in the bag for the Democrats after 8 years of Bush. Toss in that the R. Canidate is basically going to follow in Bush's footsteps and to be honest the Donkey really should be kicking the Elephant this year.

If that is the case, the real question is *which* Democrat do we want in office? I don't think it is an accident that the Democratic primary has been such a heated contest; in the minds of many the Democratic primary is the *real* contest for who is going to be sitting in the oval office and I think it is great that more Americans get to voice their opinion rather than just the members of the Democrat Party.

Now, granted if you are voting for Obama or Hilary because you think either one of them is an easier opponent for McCain to some how defeat, that is a little under handed, but if you are voting for which Democrat you prefer - is that really such a bad thing?