Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Bean is Back

Today J and I were walking down the frozen food aisle in Whole Foods. J was eyeing the ice cream and asked, "Pick out a flavor?" I told him it's too expensive to buy ice cream at Whole Foods. So he asked, "Buy lima beans?" and pointed right at them. J used to love lima beans, but he went on strike from eating them at least 6 months or so ago. He said "Yes, beans!" and so I picked some out of the case. He got all excited about them. "Lima beans! Lima beans!" I was doubtful he would share the same excitement when we brought them home and I put some on his plate.

I was wrong! He ate every single bean, one by one, pausing after each one to say, "Mmmm."

Now I just hope he continues to love them or they're going to be in the freezer for quite some time.

In other news, it was trash/recycling pick up day today, which means we got to race outside when the trucks came and wave our butts off until the garbage men waved back and beeped the horns at us. And now he's finishing up another 3 hour nap. All of this is really too much fun for one Wednesday. We need to start cutting back.

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Sarah said...

Hmmm... I don't even know what a lima bean *looks* like. Nor do I know how to cook them, or that they were yummy. But now that I know that such a little guy likes them, I feel a little bad for not eating them!