Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Three Months+

I've been neglecting you again. Sorry. We went out of town and I still haven't uploaded my photos yet. The trip was to NY to visit my parents and "help" them (aka take all the crap we could load into a pod and have it shipped to Austin) get ready to move. The kids did great on the plane. S even kept it together for a car trip to Philadelphia (we left J with the grandparents to spare him the crying). I sat in the back and kept her occupied. It was fun. The rest of the week was spent having lots of wonderful people come and visit us, which was awesome. My brother was even in town for a wedding, and B's Aunt L was in NY taking Cousin L to college. I promise pictures, I promise!

Today we are starting Day 1 of the dairy free challenge. S has been congested pretty much since birth. That can be a normal part of life in Austin, but her diapers have been pretty gross. I'll leave it at that and if you want more details on what I mean, let me know and I'll give you more info. What it all means for me is cutting out milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, and anything else that has milk or a milk derivative in it. Hopefully things will clear up on her end and we'll go about our business, and slowly add things back to my diet as she gets a little older. Worse case scenario is she has a true milk allergy, but I doubt it since it doesn't run in the family. It' s most likely a milk protein sensitivity that most kids grow out of by their first or second birthday.

The other bummer about that is I will most likely have to throw out a whole bunch of frozen milk that I have pumped because I wouldn't want to reintroduce milk by accident. Pumping a bottle is like pumping gold and it kills me to throw any away. I think I have a few days stashed in the freezer, so that will be tough.

But it's not like she takes a bottle willingly anyway! My mom babysat for us on Friday night as B and I went to Fogo de Chao for a meat-fest. S completely refused to eat anything until I came home. On Saturday, we went to see Wicked and she would only take a bottle while laying on my bed on her side. I would say the girl's just a little bit picky.

Tomorrow we pick up Feathernester, Cousin L, and Uncle D. They'll stay with us for the next week. Lots of playtime for J and L, and three different nap schedules and bedtimes for us all to figure out. That should be enough birth control for all of us. Again, I promise pics.

I'm off to finish the closet cleaning project that began yesterday when I was trying to organize S's 3-6 month clothes. It's turned into a 4 closet reorganization. I'm sure she'll wake up just when I get started. Later!


feather nester said...

Don't throw out that pumped milk yet! I only had to lay off the dairy a few weeks and it resolved, so you may get lucky. Maybe. If you're lucky.

And three kids on three different schedules? Yes, birth control. We won't talk about the fact that the Papoose was randomly up until 10 last night and 8 tonight. Although, 8 could work in our favor, hmmm....

Beth said...

She's back! Your loyal fans rejoice. Have fun with the TN crowd!

die Frau said...

Have a wonderful visit! Oh, and I agree with Feathernester: My mom apparently had to do soy with me for my first few months, and I don't have milk problems at all now/

Missed you!