Thursday, August 24, 2006

Home Alone

I'm sitting at home while DH is out at the dinner we were supposed to be at together before the babysitter cancelled. I was really looking forward to going out tonight, and I hope we can do that soon! DS is asleep in his crib. We had a little outing to South Austin to a coffee shop. They did not serve any decaf coffee. I gave up caffeine when I was pregnant (not that I ever drank much, but I figured, why not? Since I am Bfeeding, I still haven't had any. Can't say I really miss it much either.) I really wanted a decaf iced coffee because It was about a hundred degrees out and the thirty five minute drive down to the coffee shop left me parched. It was one of those paralyzing moments when you just can't function after you receive a response that you were not expecting. No decaf coffee? In a coffee shop? Ummm...nevermind. Sure, I could have had a water, or a cup of tea, but my brain didn't even want to deal with that. Instead, I just felt grouchy for a few minutes and then got over it.

The whole reason we went to this place was to visit with my SWAT mamas who live down south. After DS had an explosive poop that woke him up from his nap, I decided we would go. I figured he would nap in the car, but he never did, which made him a bit cranky when we got home. I've trained him so well to sleep in his crib that he rarely sleeps anywhere else. That's a good and bad thing. It means that he gets relatively good sleep in his crib and he's happy when we go out in the car now (that took months!) But when we are out past his naptime, instead of just resting in the car, he gets way overtired and then it's harder to put him down when we get home.

We have been trying to feed DS some solids now and it's been pretty funny. He's not that fond of rice cereal, and I can't say that I blame him, but today he ate it all! He grabbed onto the spoon and kept it in his mouth for awhile and when I finally got it out of his hands, he just kept accepting more and more into his mouth. Sure, most of it dribbles onto his bib because he doesn't fully understand that tongue thrush thing, but he didn't fuss. I ordered a high chair using amazon gift certs and am hoping that it arrives tomorrow. Right now we are using the bouncy seat (bouncy function off) and that's a little confusing because sometimes I use that for him to play while I am in the kitchen and now I try to feed him out of it. Once the high chair is here, it will be easier to say, "It's mealtime!"

I'm pretty bored right now and feel like I am saying nothing of interest. I don't want to watch TV and I don't feel like reading. Getting sick of the Internet. Guess this is a good place to stop for tonight.

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