Thursday, January 24, 2008

Make Your Choice

I never watch tv in the morning, but I turned it on to find out if it was going to rain and be cold for a fourth day in a row (the answer was yes). I also tuned in to The Today Show at just the right time to see a segment about what to do with all of those unwanted catalogs.

There is a site called Catalog Choice. If you go to their website, you can browse through tons of catalogs that you unwantingly receive and ask to be removed from their mailing lists. The site will take care of contacting the company. You just have to click a few buttons. I was so excited about this because the previous owners of this house subscribed to every mail-in catalog known to man. I think her full time job was ordering from catalogs. Unfortunately you have to register on this site, so I can't put her name down falsely and keep the catalogs from coming here. I hope eventually they get the point and will stop sending them. We get about 6 a day. Do you think she'd ever know if I did create an account in her name at my address?

Anyway, the site was obviously inundated with hits after being on national tv, so it took awhile for me to get my registration confirmation. It will also take a bit of time to scroll through all of the catalog titles, but it will be worth it. Less production is good in the long run, right?

We have been so bored here over the past few days. As I said earlier, the weather has been awful. I can't seem to get warm, Jonah has been whiny because it's too wet, cold, and rainy that he can't play in the yard. I took some time to organize his closet this morning and put away a bunch of clothes that are too small for him. There was a dry spell for about 30 minutes this afternoon, so we raced outside in our hats and scarves and played on the swings for a bit. He hadn't been on a swing in about two weeks, so he was very excited.

There's not much else to report here. J is talking consistently in 4-5 word sentences now. He has something to say about everything. His favorite thing to say right now is, "Grandma Pam fix red blanket in couple weeks. Grab cake." Translation: Grandma Pam is going to fix the red, blue, yellow and orange blanket she made him when she comes to visit for his birthday. That's when he gets to grab cake." I don't know if he remembers his birthday last year when he got to dig into a cake, or if he is referring to grabbing the lemon cake off of the counter. Either way, he associates Grandma's visit with his blanket and cake. Works for me. And he's very excited about it because he says, "Couple weeks" at the most random times, such as when he's in his high chair, or when we're driving somewhere in the car. To even out the Grandma love, he also keeps saying, "Nummi hold tractor." That's because we picked up a really cool tractor tricycle at a consignment shop while we visited the farm. If you ask me it makes the farm complete.


die Frau said...

Thank you for that! I wonder if it will work for Chase Bank, who sends me something almost every other day. I tried to call them but they asked for a SS#: big red flag for me. I'll have to see if there's a junk mail option.

Love the tractor! J should come here and throw himself around in our snowy yard....

feather nester said...

Thanks for the catalog info! I saw the lead-in to that story but not the actual story. I'll try to get on that.

Associating grandma with blankets and cake...there are definitely worse things to be associated with. Big comfort concepts; sweet!