Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Almost 1 Toddler Year Down...

J hits the two year mark tomorrow. Here are some things I have learned from our first year of toddlerhood:

  • It goes by much faster than the first year, which leads me to believe that the next year will go even faster, and so on. That's pretty scary.
  • Just because a kid likes peas or lima beans during their first year of life does not mean they will ever like them again. And that's okay.
  • He loves spending time with Mommy, but the world stops when Daddy walks through the door. And that's pretty cool.
  • Temper tantrums can last a really long time.
  • Hysterics can emerge from a temper tantrum.
  • Sometimes making yourself sound as upset as he is makes him feel better (it's called the caveman effect).
  • There is a hierarchy amongst various chicken forms. It goes something like this from best to worst... chicken tenders, chicken fingers, chicken nuggets (not from the place with arches), wheat germ chicken tenders. Well, who can blame him?
  • Golf can be played indoors with a mop. Baseball can be played outdoors with an ice scraper.
  • Once a child learns to talk, he will tell you everything on his mind.
  • Watching your child learn to verbally communicate is both a joyous and trying occasion.
  • Even though he is not a baby, he still likes to cuddle.
  • Jumping around and clapping your hands is good therapy for anyone.
  • Never give your child broccoli and cheese when he thinks you've said Mac and Cheese.
  • Separation anxiety feels like it lasts for a long time, but one day, he walks off and doesn't look back to see if you are still there.
  • You can successfully get him to eat something new and perhaps not so tasty if you eat it first and then pronounce it is the most fabulous thing in the world, but this will not work a second time on the same thing.
  • Earlier bedtimes usually help fix a sleep problem.
  • My kid notices everything I do even when I don't think he does.
  • He is still excited by books more than any other activity and I hope that lasts.
  • Even though I worry, he always goes to bed when the babysitter puts him to sleep.
  • You still need to pack that extra outfit in the diaper bag.
  • Even when I don't think he can, he can often roll with the punches and is extremely flexible.
  • Your kid will not die if he eats dirt.
  • Sometimes kids this age have better manners and more tenderness than many adults.
  • We still haven't broken him.
  • There is still so much more to learn.

Last picture taken before I am two.

(Sorry for the flower bullets, but I have no idea how to change that)


Sarah said...

What a genuinely interesting list! Thank you... and Happy Birthday to J!

Ouiser said...

congratulations on the 2nd birthday. i can barely believe it!

feather nester said...

Oh, that was such a sweet rundown. It'll be cool to show that to him someday.

And I personally really like the flower bullets. :)

Happy Birthday, J! Have a great party tomorrow! (And I hope Mom and Dad survive!)

die Frau said...

Belated, but happy birthday, J! Can't believe he's already two. I love that list--I may print it and save it for my future generations so I remember not to freak out about everything and nothing when it comes to my child. :-)