Saturday, July 15, 2006

Date Weekend

I have a big date this weekend with my little guy. DH is going down to his dad's to help move furniture into a storage unit. I'm not sure why this wasn't done when the movers moved him in, but I guess it really doesn't matter. Things in this family do not always follow a logical pattern and I am still learning to just accept that and go with it. DH will be back on Monday morning. This is my first "night alone" since DS was born.

So what will we do with all of our time together? Eat, play, nap, poop, smile (not necessarily in that order). We are also going to go to an open house at a photographer's new studio today. This woman did DS's newborn photos and she is moving her studio into a plantation home. The invite said there would be session specials and she also hired an assistant who will charge cheaper fees. The photographer was amazing, but her work is really expensive, so unless the fees are significantly cheaper, there's no way I can justify taking DS to her again soon. DH would kill me! Especially since I have probably taken close to 1,000 of my own photos of DS.

I was able to find a crib conversion kit for our crib. It took a few days, but it turns out that the store we purchased the crib from in NJ heard about the company going out of business before anyone else. They looked at their records of the past few years and purchased enough crib kits for anyone who had not bought one when they got their crib. So basically they are the only store that has the extension kits and they even had it in my color. Lucikly they are willing to ship it to us (for a fee, of course). One would think they would have jacked up the prices a bit because they could, but they didn't. So if anyone lives near Cherry Hill, NJ and needs a crib or baby furniture, go to USA Baby. They really are a great store.

Since DS is off napping, I think I will take this time to clean up the house a little. I'll let you know later how our outing was today.

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