Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Working out!

After much deliberation about the name of this blog, I have decided to just leave it the way it is. I thought about changing it to a French or Italian translation in order to sound more interesting, but screw it. My biggest problem with writing is that I always want to edit to make everything sound better and then nothing gets published. So I will keep this blog the same in order to force myself to give up some of my perfectionist ways.

Yesterday was an exciting day because after a five month hiatus, I found a real TaeBo class with certified instructors! Yay! I was a little spoiled in Philadelphia because my TaeBo instructor was one of the best and often worked with Billy Blanks. He always challenged us and I kept going through week 32 of my pregnancy when we moved. I really thought the pushing part of labor was easy because of the mental strength I gained from doing TaeBo.

Being spoiled by such great classes in Philly made me a bit of a group fitness class snob. For the past month I have been trying to decide what gym to join based on the quality of their classes. None of them offer TaeBo, but have kickboxing instead. I knew it wasn't going to be the same, so I tried to find the gym that offered the best one and joined Lifetime Fitness. One of the classes was just okay, but the circuit class kicked my butt! It's definitely what I need to get this extra bit of pregnancy weight off of my tummy. Even got DH to give the gym a true try (unlike his bimonthly visits in Philly). Hopefully he'll stick with it.

I was all set, but then I found that the TaeBo website updated their list of certified instuctors and there are two that are about 15 mintues away. I emailed them and found out they have classes four times a week, twice at night and twice at noon. I finally made it to a class last night and it felt terrific! The instructors were great and it was a fresh change to take a class taught by two women. I could really feel that I hadn't been doing TaeBo in awhile. I talked to them about getting certified because they are taking a group out to LA in November. That would be a huge goal for me, but I'm not sure where I will be with BFeeding DS, so we'll see. I look forward to going to these classes more often. And the best part is that the offer free childcare and I would be more than welcome to just leave DS in his infant carrier by me while I work out. I bet he would laugh at me as he watched! With his active nature, he'll be kicking with me in no time.

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