Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Milk Maid

Haven't written in awhile for no good reason. I honestly don't know what I did with my time this week. I felt tired all week long. DH was working a different schedule, so I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it. I'm also going to bed way later than I should. The threat of a baby waking up in the middle of the night is usually enough to make be get to bed by 10, but lately I have been stretching back to my old ways of 11 and 12. Not good when you figure DS is still waking up at 6. He's currently getting around 11 hours of sleep and I hope that continues.

My mind is moving a mile a minute as I try to get ready for our first trip back east with a child. I have been making a list for the past month so that I won't forget anything. It's not like I couldn't buy something if we really needed it, but who wants to run errands if they don't have to? My biggest concern is taking milk with me. I'm trying to get ready for the second trip back in October and want to make sure I have enough of a supply at my parents for when we go to the weddings in Boston and Pittsburgh. Our first "overnights"! Not really nervous about leaving DS as much as I am about not having enough food for him. He'll be on a decent bit of solids by then (hopefully) but I still want to make sure I have enough of the liquid gold. :)

It's a giant process. Pack the pump, parts, bottles, cleaning bags, fresh milk for travel, cooler ice. Then I need to make sure I keep it as cold as possible so it stays fresh. If I make it to my parents without incident, it can go right in the freezer and stay there for the next few months. I can pump when I am at my parents to add to the supply. I figure I need enough for at least 16 feedings- that's enough for four days. I know stressing about it won't get me very far, but writing it down kind of makes me realize that I can do it as long as we don't take any trips during this first week out there.

I'm really looking forward to going to my parents. When we lived back east we would go there all of the time in the summer so we could swim, eat lobster, drink wine, and eat lots of steak. My dad goes to this great butcher and the steaks are AMAZING! DH has been talking about them for months in anticipation. We are going to be sharing a good bottle of wine this time, too, which we bought my dad for a wedding gift when we got married. He was saving it until his first grandchild was born. That should be a fun night!

I'm sure I will update on the packing drama. DH and I are usually carry on bag people. This time it's going to be very different. I can just see us fumbling though the airport now, babyin one hand, stroller in the other, bag of breastmilk somewhere in between. "Yes, security guard, it's just breastmilk! We're not carrying any lethal chemicals on board!"

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