Sunday, July 16, 2006

Good as Gold

We had a good day yesterday at the photographer. The plantation house is beautiful and the grounds are also beautifully manicured. I restrained myself from signing up for any photo shoots in the near future, although I am tempted to put DS on the list for Santa pictures. They are taken in November and the photographer said DS will be at the perfect age to be petrified of Santa. That should be interesting.

DS slept through the night until 6:40 this morning. I was worried he would wake up a lot and that I would be exhausted since I am here without DH. But he was terrrific. I shouldn't worry about how DS sleeps anymore, since he soothes himself to sleep very well now, and rarely cries when he wakes up. But I still worry since it's all relatively new.

After his mid-morning/afternoon nap, DS and I headed to South Austin to visit a friend of mine who just moved and is also pregnant. She's due in August and we're very excited about meeting her little guy. DS was great on the drive down, which took about 40 minutes-- not a peep out of him. He just played with his toy the whole time. He FREAKED out when we got to my friend's apt. and her husband said hi to him. He burst out in tears, his face turned red, and there were little tears coming out of his eyes. Poor thing! This has happened a couple of times when unfamiliar people smile at him. At first he is calm, but within seconds he is as red as a tomato and in need of being comforted. He whimpered for a few minutes until he got distracted by the cats on the floor. I guess we're at the stage where he thinks, "You are NOT MY MAMA! WAAAHHHH!!!" He'll get over it.

We went to lunch at a funky little diner and DS chilled on the table while we ate. He managed to grab some of the flowers that were in a vase, but I got to them before they ended up in his mouth. After lunch, we Baby Bjorned it to few shops, which was an extremely hot walk. Fed him a bottle before we headed home and he fell asleep about 10 minutes into the trip back. i couldn't have asked for him to have been better. I wasn't sure how he would do with such a long outing and new surroundings, but he was terrific. He was exhausted when we got home, but he stayed up for a bath and put himself to sleep without any problem. It's great to see that by being so faithful to his sleep needs on a regular basis, it's okay if we get a little off of the routine once in awhile.

This weekend was a lot of fun, but I miss DH. We hardly get any time to see each other during the week, so it sucks that his time off is spent away from us. And when he is at his dad's, he has to devote all of his attention to him and can't get away for a phone call. Again, things that I have to accept. I'm hoping for another good night of sleeping!

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